Forgiveness: The Real F Word


In a recent podcast interview with the amazing Chris Lee of the JoFara Podcast I was asked what the true game changer was for me in my healing and spiritual journey and I replied FORGIVENESS- we both chuckled because if you know like we know forgiveness is truly easier said than done.

We all tend to move through life on auto pilot not taking the time to process and unpack the traumas and emotional duress that builds up over a life span, that is until we become intentional with acknowledging, accepting and releasing what weighs us down.

Have you taken the time to consider all that your body and your womb has stored over the years?

From within your mothers womb to infancy, your adolescence, teenage years, young adulthood up until now- think about what comes to mind and maybe even what your mind can't recall but your body reminds you of on a consistent basis.

Over time you build up an armor of protection that guards you and even hardens you. What would it feel like to take it off- to release that heavy load that weighs down your womb space, your physical and emotional bodies?

Forgiveness is the lifeline to your heart space, the well spring of infinite love and inner joy that radiates through you and shines as bright as the constellations above. However, when your heart space becomes blocked and disconnected you feel it within your womb and spirit.

Take a moment and focus on the scars, pain and trauma that you've endured?

What about the scars, pain and trauma that you may have inflicted on another (known and unknown)?


The moment you begin to acknowledge your emotional traumas and triggers is the moment you'll begin to feel a real difference within your life. However, that journey isn't linear nor is it an easy one. The resentment, anger, regret, shame and guilt that take a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual toll on you must be released. Oftentimes, it all begins with your parents- the mother and father wound run deep and has the ability to keep us stuck within the same old cycles with the relationships we have with others and the relationship we have with ourself.

Are you ready to access forgiveness?

May it be with yourself, your parents or the relationships around you- below you'll find a few ways to embrace your own personal journey with forgiveness.

Think about it like this:

  • Forgiveness should be a lifestyle and not a singular event.
  • Begin by identifying, embracing and acknowledging your anger or emotions.
  • Keep in mind that forgiveness is not a weakness nor does it mean forgetting the event/s that transpired.
  • Think about canceling the debt and writing a "blank check" of forgiveness, write down what you've experienced and sit with it maybe even write "paid in full" or "debt cancelled" and then burn it- releasing it from your emotional body.
  • As time progresses learn how to set clear boundaries so that you operate with your self worth being a top priority.

Lastly, be gracious with yourself as forgiveness is a process and your journey with forgiveness may look different with each situation and completely different from another person's journey with forgiveness.

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