Your Journey Home


I knew that if I wanted to show up as my best self each and every single day, something had to change. 

Vomiting in between clients or even in the middle of their service was no longer an option. At times I was barely able to stand, shaking, flashes of increased body heat, cloudy thoughts and an inability to express myself confidently and with ease.

Have you ever reached a point where enough is enough?

It's in those moments where you search for a solution that aligns with you.

My menstrual cycle had controlled my life for far too long, but I was really starting to think maybe it was something more serious. I just had to figure it out, but maybe just maybe I was making a big deal and the debilitating pain I was in was all in my head. I think as women we are so hard on ourselves and will endure suffering far longer than we have to. Nevertheless, I was in need of a solution and so I made a conscious decision to choose better. 

Better lifestyle choices

Better eating habits

Better relationships

Most importantly, a better relationship with myself. 

In hindsight, I realized it all starts with your mindset and slowly everything else begins to fall in place. I found myself dedicated to doing everything I could to be the best version of me and show up as her as often as I could. 

I had slowly began to adopt this yogic lifestyle from the foods I chose, to ultimately living more mindfully, intentionally and in the present moment, but by 2019 I was met with more than my fair share of unfortunate circumstances yet again and found myself in the ER leaving with a diagnosis of several womb health issues. As I reflect on my diagnosis- endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and PCOS I was overwhelmed with it all. Unfortunately, all these issues came with symptoms and dis-eases of their own yet somehow I was inspired to search for a solution. After reading several articles from women who had similar issues but desired a more natural approach to healing instead of surgery or hormonal therapy like me there was one constant-Yoga. 

As my practice grew so did my knowledge and studies in herbs, metaphysics, energy work, the subtle body, magick and spirituality do so as well. I was not only transforming my mind, body, soul and womb but also every womb that came before me in my lineage, to my daughter and every womb that comes from my bloodline hereafter. 

Many melanated women go unseen and unheard by doctors and physicians, not knowing the reason to these common womb health issues.

At the root, many of you don't even know what it even feels like to be safe and free in your body.

What it feels like to be home.

The true essence of your beauty comes from your womb.

Our online resources serve as a great tool to deepen your relationship with you and your womb as well as to discover what that feeling of home feels like in your body. You have the answers within to shift the trajectory of your life if you just listen. 

I invite you to journey back home to self along with me.  


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